Why a “Pilgrim Perspective”?

Blogs are like road-side fruit stands: we pass most without giving them a second thought but occasionally encounter a quality product. Then, once hooked, we frequently return for more fresh produce. This blog is intended to show the “fruit” of a pilgrim’s perspective, thoughts and ideas that will hopefully bring encouragement and insights to the Christian life. But first, a few preliminary questions to consider:

1. Why blog at all?

Blogging stewards opportunities. God has designed humans in His image, and one aspect of that image is the ability to communicate. We each possess the ability (and, as stewards, the responsibility) to communicate. And though blogging isn’t a personal conversation or a customized note, it functions as the ideal medium for a certain kind of communication: the transfer of thoughts and ideas.

Blogging improves communication. Of course, the ability to communicate doesn’t equal the ability to communicate well. With so much access to news and social media, bloggers face intense competition for the their readers’ time. So to save the reader’s time, blogging (good blogging, that is) requires time, time to craft an idea, present it in a logical way, and develop it in a concise, readable format.

2. Why another blog?

I’ll be honest. This blog is intended to benefit me as a writer as much as you as a reader. I’m half-thinker/half-forgetter, so to prevent the loss of those “Aha!” moments, I want to crystallize and store them for future reference, both for myself and (hopefully) for you, too.I may have some “seed ideas,” but developing those ideas into a clear thought worth communicating will take effort and time. Frankly, I don’t want to waste your time, and I need your help to develop my own ideas and communication skills.

But we are all thinkers/communicators, and this “pilgrim’s perspective” can benefit us all. No thought is truly original, so your comments and insights can be as equally helpful. Every person has a story, and I’m as eager to learn from you as I am to suggest my own ideas.

3. Why a “Pilgrim Perspective”?

Blogs are inherently transparent, so my blog will showcase my perspective as the writer. I see and interpret the world from a biblical worldview, and my posts will share that same flavor. The living God has created me and, despite my sinful rebellion against Him, reconciled me to Himself through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Now I am an adopted son in His family, a cherished member of His Church, and an eternally indebted servant in His kingdom. My thinking and writing will naturally reflect this identity.

The “Pilgrim Perspective” is the best one to have. You will find posts about Scripture passages, current events, and the Christian life. Each post will be unique, but each will carry the same essential perspective. This viewpoint matches the patriarchs in Hebrews 11, self-described as pilgrims and aliens. They were willing to live in temporary tents since they anticipated a better, heavenly country and city built by God (vv 13-16). In the same way, life will make sense only as we live with that long-range, pilgrim perspective.